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Film Festival Submitters Guide

Film Festival Submitters Guide

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This e-book will serve as your guide to navigate the exciting world of submitting your project to film festivals. At Cinema Life, we run a total of 7 Film Festivals with over 10 years of festival experience and we created this guide to show you the ropes of what will make you and your submission stand out to not only our festivals, but festivals all over the world.

This is a must have for any independent filmmaker submitting or thinking of submitting to Film Festivals. 

This guide is 64 pages jammed packed with everything you need to know start to finish when applying to film festivals. 

In addition to this guide, your purchase also includes a FREE download of our recommended Media Kit for films and screenplays that is editable in Canva. ($15 value)

Also with your purchase you are also given personalized discount codes to submit to all Cinema Life Film Festivals for 30% off! That's up to $100 in savings!

We are passionate about helping our filmmakers along their journey and we are excited to take that next step with you as you navigate the beautiful world of independent filmmaking and film festivals. 


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